An issue is pressing on my heart. Since you last heard from me some events have occurred that make me realize just how brief life is and that you cannot take anything for granted. You never know.

Within my larger extended family two teenage members were struck down with life-changing events, one a chronic illness and one an accident. In very different ways, everything about each of their lives has changed. You never know.

Simultaneously, a young friend just lost his father, a father who is only one year older than my husband. Our 40th anniversary approaches, and I hope we make it. But you never know.

I think it’s the natural human condition to take our blessings for granted. We don’t wake up and thank God for the person sleeping next to us, for good health, and for the ability to go about life as normal.

But when those things are gone, we sorely recognize how much of a blessing they were. And if you’re like me, we wish we’d been more aware and more grateful.

So that’s my message this week. Go forth and notice what you have. Thank God for all He’s given. Savor the delicious food you eat. Look at the sunset and marvel at its beauty. Bask under the radiant blue sky. Hug the people you love. Tell them how much you love them.

You never know.