The six week launch of Fallen has ended, and now instead of an intense push to spread the news, I’ll be settling down to “regular” marketing. You can be a part of it by writing a review of Fallen on Goodreads, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. Your words help to sell books and are greatly appreciated. Please take the time to share your thoughts about my novel.

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You can also be a part of spreading the word on social media by posting one of the following photos and adding the info about where others can find Fallen. To make it simple, I’m sharing here everything you’ll need.

Simply copy the photos, save them to your computer or phone, and add one on your favorite social media. I’ve given the size you need for Facebook and, below these, the size for Twitter.

Then copy and paste in the following text:  

#Fallen, a poignant love story of the first two humans, lush and sensual. #Biblical Buy it:

This is the perfect length of post for Twitter or any other social media you regularly share and interact in. If you prefer to write your own text, please do. Simply copy the link and add it.

Use any of these Photos for Facebook and Google+Fallen (launch), One bite Fallen (launch), gives us inside into our unsullied world, picture and novel cover Fallen (launch), poignant love story, picture and novel cover 2 Fallen (launch). Facebook ad- Add this- Lush and sensual, deftly capturing the newness and wonder of creation through the eyes of the first human beings Fallen reviews 1 Fallen Reviews 2 Fallen Reviews 3 Fallen Reviews 4 Fallen Reviews Facebook 5

Use Any of These Photos for Twitter:

Fallen Reviews, TwitterFallen Reviews, Twitter, 3Fallen Reviews, Twitter 2Fallen Review, Twitter 4Fallen Review, Twitter 4Fallen (launch) Twitter One biteFallen (launch), Facebook adFallen (launch), Twitter, A triumph.. Pevoto

Thank you for telling others about Fallen by reviewing, word of mouth, or the occasional social media post. Your words sell books! God bless you for spreading the gospel message of God’s love!