Jesus yielded. Before the plan was set in motion, before the waters were drawn back from the shores and the stars hurled across the pitch, the plan of redemption had already been plotted out, its lines drawn. We would sin. Jesus would die. That was that.

Jesus, living it out in flesh and blood, showed us how to trust God. This example shines before us, astonishing and unattainable. Jesus is the prototype. We are to walk in his steps. Jesus trusted every moment into God’s hands. In his first letter, Peter circles over this again and again, hovering with transfixed gaze. An eyewitness to the selfless model, Peter cannot avert his eyes. Nor does he want to.

Not my will, but yours. Not my will. This is the model. This is how we trust God.

We can scarcely get out of bed without asserting our will. Before our eyes even open, we’re cranky without cause. Our hearts shrink from the pile of work, grumbling about the day.

The events occurring today, those unfolding around us, are God’s will. He allowed it—whatever it is—for our good to make us more like Christ. We resist the devil. We do not resist God. Let go of your expectations, therefore. Embrace the day. Humble yourself. Trust that God knows how to order the day. To reject the day or its contents is to judge God. Yield.

Consider Christ. Yielding to the Father’s plan, he humbled himself by putting on flesh. He didn’t resist. Not my will, but yours.

Rarely did he get a night’s sleep. He strapped on the slave garment of humble service. He wiped the bottoms. He washed the feet. He caressed the lepers. He didn’t retaliate when the insults lashed. He didn’t threaten or complain when he suffered. He met the slap with his cheek, not with upraised arms or fists. He took whatever God had ordained. He yielded. This is the model.

jesus closeup on cross

When we yield, we grow to know him. Then Christ makes himself large in us. He infuses our hearts with his presence. Our hearts return his passionate grasp. He is ours, and we are his. Our fists unclench. We open ourselves wide, placing ourselves into his care, no matter what happens. Yielding produces passionate attachment, which leads to further yielding.

This intimate connection empowers us to live as he did, to meet life with love and an outpouring of service, affection, and grace. We walk in his Spirit. When we guard ourselves, this doesn’t happen. So let go. Trust him.

Yielding shows that we really believe God can and will take care of us. Yielding proves that we believe he loves us. Yielding demonstrates that we trust him. Every heartache or happiness, grief or joy, brokenness or health is crafted in love, orchestrated by nail-scarred hands. Fall back into his arms and be loved.

Yield to the One who yielded for you. Put skin on your faith. Don’t resist.

How will you yield today?


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