Once a month I’ll be blogging as a contributing writer at Seriously Write, a website where Christian writers share encouragement and ideas with one another. We help each other, and you too, along this writing journey. The invitation to join their stable of contributors was an answer to prayer, and I am thrilled to be part of this group!

Today, you’ll find my blog over there, but you can begin here with my opening words:


Writer Refining

Without a clue, I blasted into my season of writing. Words poured out of me. When I thought I had a story ready, I imagined myself as Jo from Little Women, tying her manuscript with string and sending it off to a publisher. I did the same.

My work was done, I thought. I could move on to the next novel. The publisher would take it from there and do all the work.

This is where we all throw our heads back and laugh. Silly, delusional girl!

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