Today we are flying back from my husband’s mother’s funeral. We are completely worn out. The year-and-a-half long battle with the inoperable cancer and watching her slowly fade away took it all out of us. The trips back and forth and back and forth, the absences from one another and our own family, the heartache of unfinished business, the letting go of it.

Death is exhausting for the dying, the watchers, and the loved ones. But God says:

Don’t be afraid. I am with you.
Don’t tremble with fear.
I am your God.
I will make you strong,
as I protect you with my arm
and give you victories.
I am the Lord your God.
I am holding your hand,
so don’t be afraid.
I am here to help you.

Isaiah 41:10&13 CEV

The Lord has kept his promises. Jesus mends frail and torn hearts. Only he can give us rest. From the ashes of our broken lives, he makes beautiful things. Let the healing begin. Lord, put us back together. Teach us to number our days. Show us how to apply our hearts to wisdom. Let us live wisely. Let us learn.

We will see her again in heaven. All will be restored. That is the precious relief in the midst of the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Thank you, Lord, for your glorious resurrection. Thank you that when you return, death will no longer have a sting. It will not bite. It will be ended. To you, your promise, and your faithfulness we secure our hope. We trust you. We’re all in.

resurrected Christ

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