You’ve spent all your budget for this holiday. I’m betting you didn’t get anything for yourself. This holiday I’m gifting my readers with the opportunity to win 1 of 10 FREE copies of Refuge!

Each entrant in the giveaway has the possibility of garnering 29 entries. The instructions are simple, just enter and decide. Follow the directions within the contest to like my Facebook Author page or to follow me on Twitter, for instance, and entries accumulate with the ease of a click.


Review by Christian Message Coach Patricia Durgin:

“It was a sad day when I finished this book. Truly. People use the word, ‘spellbinding’ when describing Refuge. It’s a SUPERBLY told story about two young lovers (children of Adam and Eve), their sibling love transforming into spousal love. One mistake sets the stage for the story’s drama. It is rich with intrigue. You will NOT be disappointed.”

Gift yourself with a great book or share it with someone you love!

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