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In spite of churches dotting the landscape and freedom of religion as the law of the land, we live in a fallen, post-Christian nation. There are many believers here, but we are no longer Biblically anchored. We see “John 3:16” on signs at televised football games, but we don’t really know what it means. We don’t understand that God loved the world so much that He freely gave His one and only Son to provide eternal life to all who deeply and sincerely entrust themselves to Him. Without this faith in the Son, we perish.

The average person won’t pick up a theological book. We don’t know what the Bible teaches, even those of us who have attended church all our lives. And yet, all of us will one day stand before God and give a verbal account of our decisions and actions. Having an intimate relationship with Christ or not will determine our eternity.

Simultaneously, church attendance has fallen, viewpoints among church attenders have shifted to the non-Biblical, Christians are still fighting with one another, we’re still cliquish and unapproachable to newcomers, and people don’t trust us. We, the church, must take responsibility for this state of affairs. We have failed our nation.

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This concerns me greatly.

I’m living the final third of my life, and I want to spend my remaining days telling others that God’s love is available freely to us through Jesus Christ. He has changed my life, and I love Him dearly. I proclaim this Good News in the prison, and I proclaim it in my writing. My chronic illness now limits me to these two platforms.

Eight years ago, I began work on this novel. Fallen is a story about the incredible mercy and grace of God. In the beginning, we chose to disobey, yet He already had a plan in place to redeem us by sending His Son. He loves us that much! The story starts with creation and features Adam and Eve and their destructive decision. This event still affects us today.

People love to read a story. They don’t like to be lectured. When truth is presented in a non-preachy story, it is powerful and effective, because fiction pulls us into the hearts and heads of the characters. We feel what they feel, and it impacts our lives. Jesus knew this, and so He told parables. Fiction is the modern-day parable.

I wrote this novel to share in story form the truth about God’s love for humanity, why we need Him, and why He freely offers us salvation. If you don’t know God intimately, Fallen makes Him accessible to you. Within a story, you will meet Him on the pages in a warm and personal way. The following excerpt is from God the Son’s perspective after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

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Fallen can be utilized to tell others about Jesus. You can lend a friend a novel or buy them a copy, and they’ll read it, because it’s a story, not a sermon. Afterward, you can dialogue about it. Fallen even provides a short study guide in the back.

I’m inviting you to read the good news of God’s love if you’ve never met Him. If you already know Him, I’m inviting you to know Him even better and to become a part of spreading the good news.

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