This is an encore of my first blog, written on August 15, 2011. Then I was scurrying around trying to find a publisher or an agent. Now my second novel is in production for publication. Since that first blog many of you have joined me on this writing journey. I’m so glad to have you alongside.

As part of the book launch for Fallen, I’m introducing you to my personal story. If you don’t know me well yet, here I am:

Introducing Melinda: Blog #1

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God crafts each of us according to the purpose he has planned for our lives. Our days are all written in his book; he knew us from before the foundation of the world. We were born at just the right time, into the families he preordained, and he oversees each moment of our lives.

He has made me to be a writer. He bred it into my genes, orchestrated my experiences, inspired my parents as I grew, and placed me where I needed to be to fulfill his plan. He did it. He has done the same for you, in whatever gifting he has given you, for whatever purpose. He is the Author and Perfecter.

This blog site is a tale of my journey to be used by God as a writer, the agony and the ecstasy. The dream germinated when my mother taught me to read at age three, then backed away in horror, afraid I’d be bored during school. What have I done? she wondered. First grade will be a disaster for this child.

The dream sunk its roots during my 2 a.m. reading frenzies as a grade schooler. It was nurtured by my love of the written word and by my parents’ blessing on my late-night reading obsession (my father was a librarian, my mother a teacher).

The dream was fertilized and grew through journaling, devouring every type of subject I could find in print, loving words, teaching my children to read, discovering truth in God’s written word, and knowing in my gut that writing was what I was designed to do.

Uniquely, God crafts each of us for his purposes, no matter what our giftedness, making us into people who will bring him glory. The Lord has used my writing to draw me closer to him. Writing for his glory has driven me to my knees, sent me to bed crying as I’ve begged him for help and clarity, made his nearness and enablement a necessity, and taught me more about him.

This is the thing I must do for him, and I am delighted to be his bondslave.

Now I find myself on the cusp of a second publication, teetering over the precipice. How did this happen? God has done it. I’m about to be sucked over the edge.

Come with me! Let’s take the plunge together!

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Enjoy the video that introduced Fallen for its successful Kickstarter campaign:  CLICK HERE