The world is a paradox. And it’s frightening.

In it we find such natural wonder, gorgeous vistas, and stunning beauty that we are rocked to the core. We find the joy of family and the blessing of love. All of these fill me with awe at the creativity and kindness of God, a master creator and artist of a magnitude no human will ever achieve.

In this same world we also find evil: the trafficking of human beings, the filth of slums, the threat of plague, the prejudice of racism, and the senseless murder of young concert attenders. Within all the world’s governments, we discover incompetence, deception, and the inability to keep us safe.

Balancing these offsetting realities often feels impossible. We wonder if there is any hope for the human race. How can we go forward, if we have no hope? How can we equip the next generations to live in such a place?

In two days my husband and I celebrate our fortieth anniversary, an event we couldn’t even imagine when we were two naive and lovestruck teenagers pledging a lifetime vow. We raised six children. We have grandchildren. We went all in. We invested everything, our genes and our hearts full of love and commitment to the next generations.

What legacy can we leave that will give our progeny hope?

For us, it is simple and yet challenging. True courage means we hope in the Lord when all around us fails. True faith means we trust in Jesus, walking in His footsteps and believing that He will keep His promises to work all things together for our good, even if we never understand the whys.

He is our hope. He is our anchor. He is our rock. He has stood with us for forty years. Are you secure in Christ as well?