Does God care when we mess up horribly? Is he with us in even our self-induced heartache? Answering these questions is why I write, speak, and teach. I have suffered, and I have asked these questions. God’s answer from his Word is the very heart of my encouragement for you, the reader.

My novel Refuge answers these questions in story form. It’s a gutsy, page-turning, heart-pounding tale of passionate love, conflict between brothers, life-shattering mistakes, and heart-breaking loss.

Refuge shows the conflict of supernatural forces and the intervention of God on our behalf. The characters are real and flawed. They all make mistakes. They’re just like us.

This is a story of hope, a tale of God’s mercy. Do you know anyone in need of hope right now?

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Like you, I’ve had my share of heartache and loss, of brokenness and tragedy. I’ve run from God. I’ve made bad decisions. I’ve failed miserably. In this, God has pursued me, using it all to win back my heart, to make me a more compassionate person, to knock the hypocrisy out of me, and to teach me to rely on Jesus.

I write for people like me who’ve gone through hard times, who’ve made mistakes, who know they’re broken. I write for others who know they’re not perfect, who know life is messy.

I want them to know God loves them. His arms are open wide no matter what.

Do you have a friend or family member who is hurting? Have they taken a path that has broken them down? Have you?

Refuge is the kind of book you can hand them or grab for yourself if you need evidence of God’s love. This novel doesn’t preach. It doesn’t lecture. It gently unfolds a tale of human brokenness and how a merciful God meets us there.

Send your dear friend or loved one a copy today. Buy one for yourself.

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Take a look at Refuge. See what God can do.

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