I’m launching two books this month, the first time I’ve been invited to teach other women in our new church is this weekend, I recently returned from Wyoming, where I had a wonderful week with family, AND we’re with grandkids for several days now. I’m loving every minute! Life has been hectic, so my examination of Hebrews is on pause.

There’s been lots of juggling going on!

Our church women’s conference is examining the “one another’s” of the New Testament, 85% of which have to do with love, humility, and the resulting unity. The other speakers are amazing women! I can’t wait to hear what they have to say! Whatever we say, I know the Holy Spirit will coordinate our messages together beautifully.

Romans 12 ties love, humility, and unity neatly together, I discovered as I was preparing. There’s plenty to apply!

Digging into this chapter with a focus on humility for my time of sharing was a great blessing. As I studied, I was convicted and made aware of many ways to apply the Lord’s instructions. That’s a good place to be when preparing to teach. I’m excited to share what I’ve gleaned, and I know the messages presented by the other women will tweak mine on the fly.

So, with that brief explanation of this little road trip away from Hebrews, let me give you a peek at the book projects in case you haven’t seen them.

Book Project #1 for 2019

If you enjoyed the old film 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, you’ll enjoy our modern take in the 7 Mafia Brides for 7 Brothers series.

The first book in the series, Book 0, is FREE TODAY ONLY, Friday, November 8.

I’ve been working on this project with this group of writers for over a year, and our series is finally publishing, one novella a week. My book, Book 2, Benjamin’s Blessing, released on October 18. Click the links below the picture to purchase.

BOOK 0: http://bit.ly/MafiaPrincessesBook0 | BOOK 1: LINK UNAVAILABLE |
BOOK 2: http://bit.ly/Benjamin7Brothers | BOOK 3: http://bit.ly/Colby7Brothers
BOOK 4: http://bit.ly/David7Brothers | BOOK 5: http://bit.ly/Edgar7Brothers
BOOK 6: http://bit.ly/Fred7Brothers | BOOK 7: LINK UNAVAILABLE

Book Project #2 for 2019!

The other big project is the sequel to No Longer Alone. The Shadows Come, will release on November 25, just in time for Christmas shopping. The link is now available to preorder the Kindle version. No Longer Alone and The Shadows Come together would be a great gift for the historical fiction reader on your list. PREORDER THE SHADOWS COME IN KINDLE HERE.

A full-length historical novel takes years to research, to draft, to edit, and to publish. I’ve lost track of the exact date when I started writing the draft, but four years or more have been spent on this project. It’s been a labor of love, as I bring to life the next part of my great-grandparents’ young lives during World World 1, the so-called War to End all Wars.

Germany threatens all of Europe. Millions have died. President Woodrow Wilson makes the declaration that the United States must enter the Great War to rescue our allies. Congress approves. Our story begins. 

In America’s heartland, everyone hunkers down to provide food for the world and resources for the war effort. A draft is necessary, and all young men must register. One by one, these are called to war. With this threat looming, Prentis and Avery raise the necessary horsepower, cultivate the needed crops, and contribute their labors to the Red Cross. But crises at home, an insidious busybody, and one after another called up to fight in Europe bring the greatest dangers they’ve ever faced together. Then there’s the influenza pandemic. Will they survive the war abroad and the war being waged at home, threatening their love and their lives? Will their loved ones make it home again?

What? You haven’t yet read No Longer Alone, Book 1! There’s still time to get your copy now and polish it off before the sequel releases! Only 99c on Kindle. Just click here!