Refuge is touching hearts, bringing hope to wounded people, and changing lives. It’s enabling readers to recognize that God’s mercy extends to even them. This is why I write.

“Wow! What powerful story of sin, redemption and everything in between. Melinda writes a beautifully rich story that does not ignore the consequences of sin, but highlights hope for even the worst sinner. I found myself relating to many of the characters. So many life lessons in this book. I really appreciated the study guide she included. I can’t wait for more!” Barnes & Noble Review.

On this last weekend of summer reading, I’m explaining how YOU, the reader, can keep your favorite authors penning your favorite books—how YOU, the reader of Refuge, can encourage others to read this story of mercy and hope.

There are now a million books available online.

Not all of them are quality. Not all have a message of God’s mercy.

How do you determine what to read?

Authors who write quality books, no matter how they’re published, want readers to know the value of their stories. That is why we encourage our readers to review our books. Readers spread the word about rich stories and tales of grace and redemption.

The words of readers—either by word of mouth, on social media, or in a written review—affirm the value of the story. 

Reviews are powerful. They help readers determine if a story is worth their valuable time.

Here’s a LINK to some of Refuge’s reviews.

If you want to help spread the word about Refuge, I have a page on this website that provides simple ideas utilizing reviews and social media. I will be sharing one simple idea a day. Each takes only a few minutes. It’s as easy as click and share.

You can help spread the word about Refuge!

Your participation lets others know the worth of this story! I am very grateful!

This fantastic article explains more about why writers must have the help of their readers: CLICK