Fallen has percolated in my heart and mind for over twenty years. Research began in the mid- to late 1990s as I contemplated how the first Adam ruined it all, prompting Christ (the second Adam) to save us from ourselves, freeing us from our bondage to sin. My struggle with spiritual growth prompted the search.

Fallen was then drafted eight years ago, when my youngest daughter was a high school freshman. She’s now a college senior.

The rough draft was submitted to professional editors, other writers, a Christian university professor of Systemic Theology, former missionaries, and tough critics. It was revised and revised again. Thousands of hours were invested.

My goal was to tell our universal story, the story of God’s passionate love for humanity. Telling the story required me to learn the lesson. Learning the lesson enabled me to tell the story. Writing this story helped me to comprehend God’s love with a depth I had never before imagined.

Patricia Durgin, one of my early reviewers, writes: Melinda “reveals God’s passionate love for humanity (meaning you and me). His warmth wafts up from the pages. His ability to see into the future and plan ahead of time for our provision—no matter our circumstances, no matter our needs—thrills.”
Fallen is a Christmas story, the story of why God’s Son came to be born a human baby and how God’s passion propelled His plan. To know the whys, we must go back to the beginning. All the way back.

We must pry into the darkness to examine evil and how it came into the world. In the process, we discover that the lie Satan whispers today is the same lie he has always uttered: that God does not love us, that He isn’t enough, and that we must therefore take matters into our own hands.

People who go this deep, who research and write books, who invest years in honing dialogue and pacing and content, who edit three-hundred-page novels fifty to sixty times through, who pursue our wildest dreams of serving God with the gifts He has given – yes, crazy people like us, may seem savvy and brave. But we’re usually scared.

We’ve invested a large chunk of our lives in telling a story. We’ve sought to master skills, techniques, and rules of modern fiction that we never before knew existed, simply so we could make the story come alive for you, the reader.

Inspiration isn’t tangible. It can’t be touched or seen, but it has driven us. God has intervened. Made in His image, we have likewise created, a mysterious process from beginning to end.

We’ve done it while afraid and uncertain. We’ve learned to boldly withstand opposition, to wisely sprinkle in the truth of the Good News in winsome ways, and to draw our strength from our Creator. We’ve grown to trust our storytelling instincts, to accept criticism, to submit to an editor, to rely on Jesus, and to see it to the finish. That is courage. Though afraid, we have followed the Supreme Author, inscribed the naked truth, and finished the job.

Courage isn’t absence of fear. It is trusting God and pressing on in spite of fear. And now the story is here, ready for you to read.

May Fallen bless your life and challenge you. Gift it to those who need to know how much God loves them, who don’t understand why there’s so much evil in the world, who wonder about the purpose of all this mess. Answers are easier to process in story form. That’s why Jesus told parables.

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May Fallen impress upon you the passionate love of God for you, a love that embraces and restores and bleeds. 

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