This news just in! In Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh a small Bible college campus with eight students, staff, and fourteen orphans was attacked by Hindu radicals. These orphans and staff are our friends. My husband and our older children have traveled there, and we love these Indian people. 

The orphans, Christian Bible students, and orphanage and college staff were thrown out into the streets of Rae Bareli. Twelve men were sent to rough up the staff and to destroy their food supply. The local police turned a blind eye. The home was torn up. The children and staff feared for their lives. RIMI personnel and orphans were informed that they had six days to get out or more physical harm would occur.

Mercy Home getting ready for cooking food inside the tent - Copy

The RIMI orphanage and Bible College in Rae Bareli was already in the process of building on a one-acre lot nearby as funds are raised. Students, faculty, and staff lived in rented facilities while building takes place. Water supply, electricity, and foundations were already erected as well as a tiny caretaker home. The walls to protect the facility have been built. Once funded and completed, this new building will allow forty orphans to be cared for and up to forty Bible students to be trained in compassion service and Bible knowledge.

Mercy Home prayer service on campus

The fourteen children were protected by the staff (all shown here), so they weren’t abducted and taken back to the streets to possibly end up in the sex trade. The children were moved to the building site of the new Bible College and orphanage to live in lean-tos and tents as the main buildings are being completed. Much work remains. It is cold at night, and the children are in open tents. This picture shows the orphans and students praying and attempting to maintain their daily schedule in the makeshift setting.

Mercy Home children sleeping

Reaching Indians Ministries International (RIMI) is an Indian-founded ministry run by Asian Indians to reach their own country with the gospel. RIMI has a main seminary campus and twenty-seven satellite campuses that include Bible training so young pastors can return to evangelize their home regions. Eighteen campuses include orphanages (called Mercy Homes).

RIMI has planted 8,950 home churches in the last twenty years. These are led by Indian pastors. In association with satellite campuses, the students and staff care for orphans rescued from living on the streets. Yes, the situation portrayed in SlumDog Millionaire really exists. RIMI pastors and students save orphaned children from the street, caring for them and providing for their education.

Mercy Home inside the tent kept all the goods

You can help!

Please pray about helping to finish the orphanage and Bible college. The total needed is $100,000. Donations may be made to RIMI. Please designate Rae Bareli Campus Fund. Every donation, large or small, will help provide these children and students with a safe home.