The Great War brought the horrors of an entire world at war and a global pandemic that killed more young adults than the war that spread it. The Shadows Come details the impact of this crisis on one small tight-knit community — the town and citizens of Wakita, Oklahoma, whom we came to know and to love in No Longer Alone. The Shadows Come is the sequel. You can help bring to life this story of love, loss, and faith. Come and visit the project at Patreon here.

So far, I’ve shared several sneak peeks into The Shadows Come. If you missed these, come discover the heart of the story. Check out these sneak peeks: Look at peek number one, peek number two, peek number three, and peek number four.

So, what’s happening now? Here’s the update:

$1503 has been pledged so far of the $3,250 needed! Each donor will receive a free copy when we near the publication date!

The amount pledged at this point will cover the cost of the professional editing. This leaves remaining the cost for the book cover design, the design of the entire inside content of the book itself, the purchase of the ISBN number and barcode, costs for the final proofreading, and the preparation for distribution.

Since the February campaign push, there has been a lot of work behind the scenes. Rather than paying the publisher I’ve worked with each time, I’m looking into more affordable options that allow me to act as the main contractor of the project. In other words, if I don’t receive the total, I’ll be the publisher. I’ll hire the individual editors and designers or do the work myself.

Because of my health, this will be a challenge. Please pray with me for the Lord’s provision for this project. This powerful story of God’s tender care during war and loss needs to be shared.

In the meantime, I’ve been taking bids from editors, and I’m in communication with several book cover designers. We’re discussing how to integrate the book cover of this sequel with the cover of the first book, No Longer Alone, so it’s clear that they’re a series. We hope to start work by April. I’m also investigating Vellum, a computer program for Mac that allows an author to complete his or her own internal book design, and I’m looking into how to obtain my own ISBN number, the bar code, and all of those essentials.

The manuscript is ready for professional editing. I hope to begin soon.

But the process can’t start until the total needed is pledged. I’ve promised my donors that their pledge will be a one-time gift to the project, so I must await the total before the funds are withdrawn for work to begin. Many have contributed, and everyone’s excited about this project.

After reading the peeks and hearing more about the story, if you think you might like to join us, come on over to Patreon and take a look by clicking HERE.