Join us for a Twitter Party! Tonight 8 to 9 p.m. EST! 

Imagine you’re in my living room, gathered for a party. You can only converse by tweeting. That’s a Twitter Party! Come join the conversation. Tweet your questions to @MelindaVInman. Tweet your comments. I’ll respond. We’ll be discussing redemption and my new novel Refuge, which releases in eight days!

If you’re not on Twitter, you can still watch. Sit in the living room with us and see all the banter and the questions. Hear my responses. That’s a filmed Twitter Party! Where will you find this party? See the links below.

I am a prodigal. I write for people like myself. We all run from God. We are all broken. We all need a Savior. Refuge is a tale of love, murder, revenge, and redemption, pulled from the oldest known source of drama—the Bible. It poses these questions:

When we’ve run from God, maybe even “destroying” our lives, can we ever find God again? We long for refuge. How do we find it?

We’ll tweet. We’ll also stream live video.

Even if you’re not on Twitter, you can watch and listen in.

I’ll read tweeted comments LIVE and respond on film and by tweet.

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