The gift is painstakingly prepared, each detail pondered and gathered at extreme cost to self. With meticulous care, the wrapping paper and bow are selected. A thoughtful handwritten card embellishes the gift. Hours are invested.

Next the present is packaged, addressed, and taped securely. Traffic is heavy on the way to the post office, and there is a long line. But as you wait, you smile, considering the joy the gift will bring to the beloved recipient.

At last! It is insured and on its way. Days pass. The tracking system displays the gift’s arrival time with signature attached. Your heart pounds as you await your friend’s phone call. You can’t wait to hear her excitement and to discuss the gift!

But there is no call. No response. Nothing.

You rationalize. Perhaps she’s busy. You wait another day, but still no call. You check your tracking slip again. Yes, it has arrived.

Days go by. Still nothing.

Eventually, you run into your friend. Nothing is said. You aren’t sure what to do. Awkwardly, you ask if she received your gift.

“Oh, yes. Thank you so much!” And then she turns to talk to someone else.

Your heart plummets.

This is the life of a writer. Brace yourself….

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