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Refuge portrays a passionate love story, an epic moral failure, a cosmic supernatural battle, and the power of a merciful God to redeem human beings, even when we’re completely undeserving.

I write for people like me.

This story is for people who have been battered by the circumstances of life, who wonder how God can step into their mess and make any good of it. I write for people who’ve made mistakes and blundered, who often can’t even forgive themselves, for people who wonder if God would possibly show mercy to them.

I write for those who hope he could, but who can scarcely dare to believe that God would love them that much. For those who are bruised, who know in their core how flawed they are, who hope and pray there’s room for even them. And whose hearts are astounded and grateful when God seeks them out and actually does love them and throw his arms about them. 

My story is for those who remember the thrill of first love and the devastation of its loss. Refuge is a tale for people who yearn for love and beauty and forgiveness, who long for reconciliation, who hope against all hope that some good can come out of the worst disasters, who pray for beauty to arise from the ashes. 

I write for people who like their stories unpredictable and the outcome unexpected, who like their characters flawed and their good guys humble. Who prize bravery and the strength required to turn and go a new direction.

If that is you, Refuge is your story. The time has come!

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