I’m so excited about the changes I’m implementing! If you read my writer’s manifesto or follow me on social media (links in the footer), you know I’ve been pondering these ideas for several months.

I want to meet your desire for great stories that uplift your hearts and illustrate God’s mercy. And, because the publishing industry now expects readers to help promote the books they love, I also want my novels to be available to you at lower prices. It’s only fair!

Last fall I devoted two months to editing Fallen, my next novel in the Genesis series. I sent my proposal to my publisher, and they were really excited! They say it’s even better than Refuge! So, we talked business.

We noticed that during the time when I devoted all my energy to editing, my sales of Refuge dropped drastically. Why? It’s my first book. I’m still relatively unknown, and I wasn’t promoting the book much, because I was focused on writing.

Marketing while writing fiction is next to impossible, and it’s time consuming if you’re a one-woman team. But when the power of multiplication is applied, everything changes!

Here’s how it works: On my Facebook profile and Author page combined I have approximately 1000 followers. If I share a post, only my frequent viewers see that post in their feed. Maybe. If they catch it when it skims by. The same principle applies to Google+, Twitter, etc.

But suppose you share a post from my profile onto yours? You’ve multiplied my reach! You have friends who don’t see my page or my posts. Now they can see it! The same is true for all social media.

When you SHARE, my reach explodes, and that’s only with one person SHARING a post. Just think what a group of us can do! I must have your help, so I can get the next books ready!

All of my writing is done to encourage you, my readers, and to illustrate the love and mercy of God. I write to spread the full message of the gospel and God’s grace. Jesus told stories, so I do too. People readily absorb truth about God told in story form.

Please partner with me. Let’s multiply the spread of the Good News by working together! No act of help is too small!

I have to sell more copies of Refuge before Fallen can be published. It’s pure economics. If you enjoyed Refuge, want to get it into the hands of others, and hope to read Fallen and other stories, please become an active participant in the Dream Team!


I now invite you to a Facebook page made just for YOU! Click that sentence to take a look.

  1. Once a day I’ll post a video, a picture, or a post onto the Dream Team group page.
  2. When you see the Facebook notification, click over to the group page at your convenience—daily, weekly, monthly, randomly, whatever works.
  3. SHARE what you see there onto your own Facebook profile.
  4. That’s it. Takes a minute. Done. VERY Simple.

Simply click here: Ask me to invite you to the group. And we’re off!

Please join with me on the Dream Team! Tell others the Good News of the gospel and encourage their hearts.

Refuge is launched