Saturday was an epic day, a rarity on earth, a day when so many joyful components came together that the happiness could barely be contained. This day was a foretaste of heaven. Our day ended with us singing along with Rich Mullins as we blasted across Canada toward home under the starry sky. It was the only appropriate response.

We made a day trip to Niagara Falls. My policy of choosing what is best for my spirit and soul and then dragging my sick body along was in place. A Therma-Care heat wrap warmed my neck and shoulders. Naproxen blanketed my pain. A Thrive patch on my inner arm gently infused an organic caffeine stimulant. My medication was consumed like clockwork throughout the day. I relaxed my entire body head-to-toe for an hour in the car before we arrived. I drank lots of water. We paused for an entire hour to relax and eat a meal overlooking the Canadian falls. Bases covered.

Mentally, I focused on the joy of watching my daughter experience one of the most beautiful, breathtaking, and powerful displays of God’s majesty on the planet, and of being part of that day with her.

Our family can be cranky travelers, so this part is important: Quibbles were overlooked. Snark was forgiven. Patience was applied. Apologies came quickly. Grace was layered on. Rest stops were frequent.

The weather was perfect! A throng of people from all over the planet had also seized the day! So there’s the setting.

The three of us love diversity, and to spend the day surrounded by conversation in languages and dialects we couldn’t decipher was a pleasure. Often we were the only native English speakers in each setting.

This is the beauty the Lord intended when He created this earth and sent His Son to die for humanity. His intention was and is to draw people of every race, tongue, and nation back to Himself. This is the harmony we will experience when Christ comes to redeem His people and His earth. Believers from all over the planet will rejoice together around Him.

But for now, when we’re mingling with people from all over the earth, our differences quickly disappear. We saw young families struggling to help babies sleep in strollers in an unusual environment. We’ve done that, too. All of us smiled at one another as we awaited our turn to step onto the boat. We offered to help by taking group pictures, and so did others.

We heard a father’s sharp word when his young son stepped up onto the rail of the boat midstream in the Niagara River. We didn’t speak his language, but we knew exactly what he said. We have also experienced that flash of terror. And when caught in the mist coming off the Canadian-side falls, we all spontaneously burst into a cheer of joy, praising God for the majesty we experienced, whether we knew we were praising Him or not!

FullSizeRender 19Traveling with our daughter also brought parental joy. Watching a child enjoy a new experience that brings such all-encompassing pleasure is one of the most exquisite joys on earth. Enjoying Niagara with our daughter was one of life’s best snapshot moments. A pinnacle.

Now put these all together. The promise and reality for believers is that in Jesus’ coming new heaven and new earth, every single day will be even better than this. We’ll be together with a throng of people from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation. Perhaps we’ll all speak the languages we always have, but we’ll all simply understand one another now. Why not!

Imagine being in a glorious and eternally healed body and simply diving into that river under those falls, or swan-diving off the top, to laugh and play and rejoice together in our God who made all of this to enjoy forever! Imagine God’s Parental joy in providing this for us and enjoying our joy!

Days like this are a glimpse of the eternal promises of God and of our eternity with Him! We feel it and know it in our souls. We’re thanking God for the day and praising Him for this rare taste of heaven on earth!