When I pounded out the rough draft of Refuge in 2009, I envisioned perfect health and brimming vigor as my novel reached bookshelves. Birds would sing, and I would be Superwoman.

My youngest daughter was a high school freshman then. (This is how mothers measure time.) To free me to draft the novel’s climax, my writer friend sent her daughter over for a weekend-long sleepover with mine. The two girls, close friends, disappeared into fun movies and pizza while I hunkered over my laptop, wept, and wreaked havoc on my characters. When the carnage was complete, my savvy friend retrieved her girl. Now both our daughters are university students.

When I started writing fiction, the average time it took for a new writer to obtain a contract and get published was two to five years. Now it’s five to ten! I knew it would be a long haul—high school freshman to college sophomore in kid time, but I had no idea there would be death and injury and heartache along the way. I expected sunshine and roses. I forgot life would intervene.

This has been a most novel journey for an idealist.

I didn’t comprehend how much the process itself would refine and change me. God is not just invested in the outcome. He’s invested in the spiritual growth of his workers along the way. He uses every endeavor to refine my character, to hone my gifts, and to draw me closer to him. The same is true of you. The Lord now enables me to overcome my broken body and my chronic fatigue to press onward toward publication. I’m thanking him!

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So, here’s where we are now. My manuscript will soon be back from my editor, and I’ll be tweaking. At the same time, we’re already marketing and promoting.

I’m plotting a list of writers to invite for guest posts here. I’m enlisting readers for the Advanced Reader Copies (pre-publication copies of the book for you to read and review long before the general public). Anyone interested?

Soon you’ll view on this site a page about Refuge designed by the artists at Koehler Books.

Goodreads now features my Author Profile, book information, and a direct link to this blog. Goodreads members are bouncing over here to see what’s up. These are exciting times!

Facts about Refuge and the two covers we considered can be viewed at Koehler Books.

Booksellers everywhere have Refuge already available. It will be released in March 2014 in paperback and e-book. You can stake your claim on a copy now by pre-ordering. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are neck-in-neck at LOW PRICE!

Keep an eye right here for upcoming details! We’re aiming down the tracks! Here it comes!

railroad tracks to the horizon

Photographs courtesy of Katherine Inman (middle) and Jeremy Inman (bottom).