My new website is up!

Take a peek at Nuu Church Media‘s clean design! Jez Babarczy, Kevin Daughtry, Andra Morrell, Gabriel Gurrola, and Paul Griffith all had a hand in the project. I love the new look!

We’d appreciate your help! Can you find anything we’ve missed or links that aren’t functional? We’ve proofed the site repeatedly, but the first week for any site is a BETA-type experience. There may be glitches. We’re grateful for your assistance!

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The publishing world changes rapidly! My launch date has been moved to…

March 1st, 2014

Based on the quality and sales history of their books, Koehler Books has gone independent. I’m thrilled for my Publisher John Koehler and for Joe Coccaro, who assumes the position of Vice President of Koehler Books while continuing as the Executive Editor and Acquisitions Manager. Both of these men have been terrific to work with! This is good news for Refuge!

Small Refuge Cover



I now have Refuge in my hands again! The page layout, font, and cover design all look like a “real” book, not a double-spaced, Times-New-Roman, 12-pt.-font writer’s manuscript. This week Copy Editor Cheryl Ross and I will be working together on my final proof for errors. We’ll make the final adjustments, and off it will go to print. You can preorder now!

It takes a small village to produce a book! First, God crafts a writer. That’s me in this case. Then there’s my storytelling family and the many people who have inspired me. There are those who have prayed for me and encouraged me through the process.

Add every person who read and critiqued Refuge. Mix in the contributions of the writer/teachers at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference and the Christian Writers Guild. Bring in my first editor Jacqueline Garrett, my message coach Patricia Durgin, and Fiction Acquisitions Editor Terry Whalin. Bring it all home with the staff of Koehler Books and Nuu Church Media!

But none of it could have happened without an awesome God who created us in his image. He creates. He inspires. Like him we act upon our inspiration, and we create. The Lord has taught me so much through this process. He has honed off the rough edges. He continues to work.

These are exciting times! More news to come!