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The world is seriously messed up. It is broken. We, the human race, did this. It started with Adam, and since then it has continued from generation to generation. All human beings are deeply flawed. All we must do to contribute to the general mess is to simply be ourselves. Even at our best, we still bumble along.

We set out to be perfect parents and loving adults, an impossible task and a naive assumption given the fact that we can’t even get through a twenty-four-hour period without selfish thoughts, words, or deeds. Our motives are tinged with self, even when in the midst of our best choices. We pray our kids survive our bumbling.

Jesus knew this, so He came to take on our sins, pay for them with His innocent life, and rise again so that we might be justified and declared righteous in God’s eyes. As a result, we look forward to the hope of heaven, and we have hope in Him for this life as well. Our outlook is different now. It’s renewed by the love of God. And we feel that same hope for our children and grandchildren as we pray in faith for them.

Our salvation, the growth that accompanies it, and this steadfast hope for the future is not pie in the sky, but is the gift of God to the believer. We are blessed, for we know there is a happy ending with Christ. We’ve read the end of the book.

And on top of that we’re Christian writers. We are the authors of the modern-day parables that have the potential to turn hearts toward God as we weave potent and powerful novels, revealing truth in story form.

The life events we experience as sinners who struggle, learn, and grow can be tucked into our tales to shine light on the way out of peril. The trials and experiences that have drawn us to God and have grown us in wisdom can become stories that reach into other bleeding hearts and offer the balm of Gilead.

Brothers and sisters, do you see what a blessing this is?

This is the greatest privilege ever!

We are the storytellers in an era that craves narrative and rhyme and that longs for the reasons to arise from the chaos. This is the greatest blessing of all, to walk in the footsteps of the Master Storyteller, the Author of our faith and our salvation.

We have been given the gift of telling stories that draw our readers to Jesus, that make sense of their trials, and that provide hope for their heartaches. We are empowered to use the mightiest tool in the Holy Spirit’s arsenal – a well-told story, a parable of truth.

Savor this. Allow Him to use your failures, your mistakes, your weaknesses, and your vulnerability. Let Him guide and shape your stories, your conclusions, and the principles illustrated by your tales. Choose to be courageous, to rely on Him for the strength to write fearlessly, humbly, and transparently. Go where others have feared to tread with pen and keyboard.

Write for Him! This is the greatest privilege ever afforded a writer!