For many people, Christmas isn’t merry or filled with joy. Many have lost everything. Some are devastated by their own mistakes. Many don’t believe God can ever forgive them for what they’ve done. They are without hope.

All of us have times when we’re overwhelmed by our brokenness and wonder how God can love us as we are. Refuge was written for those of us experiencing this personal pain. It is a story of love, loss, and redemption. A story of hope and God’s mercy.

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iBook Review by reader Kelli Flanagan:

“Not only is the story so captivating and characters so realistic, but the portrayal of God’s extreme loving mercy in even the worst possible situations is overwhelmingly evident.”

Review by author Bruce Van Horn:

“Refuge draws us in to a story of rage, pain, passion and despair where we, too, wonder how God could possibly take this mess and make it right, let alone beautiful. A magnificent story that restores hope for our brokenness and leaves God firmly enthroned and in control of His creation!”

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