The manuscript is back from my editor! I’m so excited! Now is my opportunity to put the final polish on Fallen after the fine-toothed combing of my content editor Joe Coccaro.

A good editor like Joe helps a writer to see the repetitions no longer apparent after countless edits through the manuscript. He suggests cuts and improvements. It’s emotional work digging through his red mark-ups to implement the changes I deem best.

The final edit brings a writer these transitions: The last chance. The end. The death. 

Let me explain. After working on Fallen for eight years, having lost track of how many times I’ve revised those three-hundred pages, this is it. The novel must become exactly what I want it to be, because this is the last chance. After it’s published, I can change nothing. This knowledge suffuses the last edit with adrenaline and mental sharpness.

This story is a living entity in my mind. My characters talk, move, make decisions, and drive the story. I love them. They’re my friends. But now, our relationship draws to a close. I will no longer cavort in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, hold their hands, feel their sorrows, and write their thoughts. Once they’re set in type, I can no longer interact with them. It’s the end.

This brings me to the death. The manuscript will cease being a living, breathing thing. Rather, it will be set in black forever after. The final edit is my goodbye to the manuscript. It is finished.

But my loss is your gain. For this is your hello. For you, the reader, this is: The first chance. The beginning. The birth.Fallen IMG_9372

You haven’t read this story yet. You don’t know these characters. For the last eight years, you haven’t felt their joy, their pain, or their loss. They aren’t your longtime friends yet. They are your new friends.

This is your first chance to place yourself with them in the Garden of Eden, to experience their exquisite and uncontaminated first love, to gaze with them into the eyes of the serpent, and to feel their loss of absolutely everything they possess.

The story brings to light emotions and experiences of our first parents that you’ve possibly never before considered. Years of research have transformed biblical truth and narrative into a story. This is not a theological tome. It’s fiction, a novel.

Have you imagined what these first events may have been like? Have you placed yourself in their bare feet? Now you can begin to do that. For you, this is the beginning.

This is a birthing for you, dear reader, into a new world, an awakening to how a sinless relationship would have felt and to how all our relationships have now been destroyed. This is a revelation, a prompting to examine the brokenness all of us carry within.

So, as I delve into my beloved manuscript, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I desire to produce the best story I can for you. As with Refuge, I want this to be a novel you mull over, re-read, and love. I want this tale to bring God’s love alive to you in a way you’ve never imagined before.

Here goes….

Fiction - help the author, fiction is the modern-day parable.