That is the question! Will Fallen be published? In four days the Kickstarter campaign will be complete. On June 30, 2015, at midnight it’s all over. It’s do or die!

If $5750 has been contributed, the publication of Fallen will begin! The novel will release in early 2016. Your copy will be signed and mailed directly to you if you pledged any amount at or above $25.

If we do NOT have the total $5750 pledged, there will be no novel.

In four short days, I will either jump for joy, or I will grieve.

No in-between result is possible. It’s 100% or nothing.

This reminds me of the human plight and how God demonstrates his love.


When our first ancestors Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the one fruit he had forbidden, they became broken. As their descendants, we are all now sinners and we all die. That first sin broke us all.

But, at that moment, while we were all still sinners – the entire genetic material of the human race within their bodies, God made a promise.

Right there in the Garden, he promised to crush Satan’s head – to conquer the sin and death brought into God’s perfect world when Satan deceived Eve, she ate, and then Adam chose to join her.

garden of eden

God’s sense of justice demanded that we, the human race, be avenged and redeemed. And so, God offered himself. “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins” (1 John 4:10).

God promised to become one of us, a human being – Jesus the Messiah, God’s One and Only. He would lay down his life as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, thus buying us back and crushing Satan’s head.

jesus closeup on cross

Why was a sacrifice necessary? Because God is holy and just.

His purity obliterates any sin in his presence, so we cannot come into his presence if we are not holy. But, ever since Adam took that bite, we’re all sinners, so we have a BIG problem. Even if we fall short by only one sin, we are still separated from God.

Like this campaign on Kickstarter, it’s 100%, or nothing good results.

But, because of what Jesus did to redeem us, all we need do to be reconciled to God is to believe he came to earth and did this for us.

When we believe our eyes are opened. We recognize our brokenness and constant need for him, and we cry out for mercy. Our repentance and turning in obedience toward him are proof of our true faith, trust, and reliance on him. We are his, and he is ours.

Adam and Eve

Fallen captures this breaking point of human history and this promise – the creation, the temptation, the fall, and the aftermath.

In this novel, the gospel is displayed as glorious, the Savior compassionate, and the Father merciful. This is a novel of God’s grace.

You can hand a story to someone, and they will welcome it. They might not take a gospel tract, come to church, or hear a sermon, but they’ll read a well-written story.

Jesus knew this, so he told parables. He knows we thirst for story – for knowledge of The Story. This longing resides in us all. He created us this way. Fiction is the modern-day parable.

Come be a part of this gospel project. Make this book happen.

When you pledge a contribution, I’ve provided a list of gifts for you. Choose a copy of Fallen, and I’ll sign and deliver it to you. Give enough to secure copies for your friends, or wait until after publication and order copies at any major bookseller or on this site.

But all pledges must be made before midnight on June 30, or this novel will not happen. 

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Thank you for your participation! I hope and pray to have celebratory news for you next week! I’m praying and trusting the Lord for provision!