Christmas toys still lay strewn around my house. Our precious granddaughter runs about playing with her new booty. Too much food stacks the cupboards and our expanding waistlines. The holidays have been precious and weighty in more ways than one.

Now looms before us the New Year.

We sweep past Thanksgiving and Christmas and come face to face with our mortality. One more year has ticked by. We’re another year older. Our children have moved one step farther into either childhood or adulthood. Our homes require yet more maintenance. We find more wrinkles.

As we take stock, we make plans.

We pause to reflect: Am I accomplishing any good of eternal value?

Many of us never know. Our service isn’t measurable. We minister through acts of kindness. We speak, teach, visit the sick or imprisoned, write, or film. Maybe we serve in the kitchen or wash the floors. Perhaps we wipe small bottoms and cradle small infants. Maybe we run the sound system or drive a bus of homeless people to church.

Often our service seems minuscule as we consider reaching the whole world with the Good News that Jesus came, died for our sins, and holds his arms wide. “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy-laden” he calls.

Because our service cannot be quantified and is often thankless, we feel our acts of kindness and obedience are small. When asked what we do to serve Christ, we usually begin, “Well, I only….” Most of us don’t have a large platform or a world-wide stage. No one knows who we are. We are obscure.

But God sees us.

Jesus knows exactly what we’re doing and how we feel as we’re doing it. He knows how inadequate we feel or how unseen. We often forget that each tiny bit of service is worked together by God to achieve his purposes.

As the New Year begins, I invite you to discover your part in God’s master plan to save the world. You’re already doing it. But do you know how God is using it and why you’re so important?

Are you serving the Lord but wondering how, or even if, God is using your acts of service? Do you feel invisible? Are you discouraged?

Jesus wants you to know how valuable you are. He’s the only One whose opinion matters. Would you like to be able to detect the purple thread of his working that is woven through your life? How does your service fit into the big picture? Would you like to see how he really views you and your service?

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Be blessed! Be encouraged! Let the Lord lift you up!

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