Blog- as summer fades, grab what remains

In our state this is the last day of summer vacation for school children. In the north we start later in the year, and we take two breaks between Christmas and the last day of school. This brings our end-of-school date to mid-June.

On the other hand, college students only have two weeks off for Christmas, and then they get back to school, ending the school year in April. Customs vary from region to region in the USA.

Now that summer vacation is over, you may have these things on your mind. I do, because our family has had kids in school since 1982 and in college since the fall of 1996. This week our youngest starts the final year of her undergraduate education. By the end of April 2017, the Inman children will have all been educated. We’re praising God for their accomplishments! We’re proud of every one of them and the paths they have chosen. 

After having children in school for thirty-five years, it’s difficult not to think in terms of school at this time of year. How about you?

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