Fallen is a story about the incredible mercy and grace of God. The story starts with creation and features Adam and Eve and their destructive decision. In the beginning, when that ancient serpent tempted us to disobey, we did as it urged; yet God already had a plan in place to redeem us by sending His Son. He loves us that much!

This event still affects us today. It’s extremely pertinent. Today on Good Friday, we remember our Lord’s crucifixion, the act of sacrifice He ultimately made to pay for this sin and all the myriad others that have followed and continue to this day. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus turned our tragedy into an “adventure” with a happy ending. He died for our sins and was raised for our justification.

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By His death and resurrection, the Lord Jesus prevailed over the dragon, the ancient evil one, crushing its head. Because of God’s love, He did this for us. When you hand someone Fallen, you’re handing them the gospel in story form with all the emotion and insight fiction provides. When you read this book, you reflect upon the impact of the Fall and how the mercy and love of God still reaches down to you today.

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Part of a book launch, especially a launch of a story about God’s plan of salvation told in fictional form, is to spread this good news far and wide. I’m giving away ten free copies, as well as a journaling Bible to the entrant who accumulates the most points. Intrigued? It’s the final week. Come on over to the Fallen Giveaway!

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