Soft Launch. The phrase conjures images of well-padded acrobats catapulting into ample nets from the high wire or flying trapeze, the launch resulting in a soft landing.

Soft Launch. Willing contestants are flung into softly padded pits filled with fluffed cotton and feathers, which absorb the impact and rain downy bits upon the watching audience. The landing is soft.

Leap TrapezeCreative Commons License Laura Bittner via Compfight

Welcome to the world of a writer, where solitary deep-thinking folks put on the costumes of marketers and attempt such derring-do as the soft launch!

Fallen is softly launching TOMORROW, and YOU are invited!

A soft launch in the writing world is the quiet release of a book to an audience that is personally interested in the story, for instance, readers of this blog and of Refuge, friends, family, and Kickstarter supporters. The purpose? To introduce Fallen, obtain reviews, and build buzz for the coming hard launch. Soft launching is a method for gathering these marketing necessities before making the novel widely known, a common strategy during such a “noisy” time of year for sales.

What does this mean for you? 

  • If you contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, your copy will be arriving in the mail soon.
  • Anyone can now preorder copies of Fallen in ebook or paperback at all fine booksellers and distributors, just in time for Christmas gifting!

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  • Simultaneously, we’ve knocked the price of Fallen’s prequel, Refuge, to a near 50% discount! That means you can gift both novels, each a Biblical Story of Good and Evil.

Get a taste of Fallen by taking a peek at the Pinterest boards HERE or by reading the reviews by the early readers HERE.

Welcome to Fallen!