While everyone’s relaxing and regrouping from their feasting and their shopping, I’m posting a day early. Put up your feet and enjoy some great behind-the-scenes photos by Nuu Church Media—a creative team of photographers, designers, filmmakers, and promoters!

The pictures displayed on November 25 were of the interview about my life story. The pictures today depict my life journey, providing the story in visual form. See young me there with my grandma! I hope you enjoy the team’s remarkable work!


My Grandma Pinkerton and me, circa mid-1960s. Ava Daughtry plays young me.


Grandma plants the seed of faith in my life.


We moved far away from Grandma. Then the journey grew difficult.


Watching Ava was like observing a younger version of myself.


Trying to find the way back to Jesus.


The journey is often daunting!



Andra Morrell and Jez Babarczy filmed behind. Gabe Gurrola and Kevin Daughtry filmed the front.


Coming soon! My redesigned website with this video of my life story, a video of my author interview, and another video of the book trailer for Refuge! We’re gearing up for the launch on February 1, 2014.

This team of professionals and their creativity has blown me away! What a talented group! Special thanks to Lori Inman and Luisa Babarczy for the hair, makeup, jewelry, and clothing decisions. Lori put in many hours!

Watch for my website’s new look!

All photography by Nuu Church Media.