photo shoot

A photo spread calls for a weekend post. Put up your feet, and enjoy these shots!

I’m excited! By the end of the week my new website will be up and running! You’ll be able to see the clean lines of Nuu Church Media‘s design. I’m thrilled to be working with Jez Babarczy, Kevin Daughtry, Andra Morrell, Gabriel Gurrola, and Paul Griffith.

My site will have a Press Kit with two videos (another video will be posted in a few weeks). Above is a photograph from the author interview. It shows the panorama of a filming set. Producing these videos has been some of the best fun I’ve ever had! Not only is my lifelong dream of publication just a few short weeks away, but this crew has been a blessing! Their attention to detail, hard work, and creativity are propelling Refuge toward its launch on February 1, 2014!

I’m so grateful to God! My heart overflows with gratitude for all of these blessings!

Enjoy the photos as Nuu Church Media films the video book trailer for Refuge!


First Nuu Church Media found a great location that captures the imagery from Refuge.



Jez and Kevin purchased fake blood. The “blood” was applied liberally to fit the scene in Refuge.


Creative discussion between Paul Griffith on camera and director Jez Babarczy, who also played the role of Cain in this short trailer. He’s partially in costume here.


Jez was then bloodied up for the role.


 Jez Babarczy and Kevin Daughtry now apply “attitude” as they prepare to film the scene.


Paul Griffith has Jez in the frame, ready to roll.



Jez/Cain runs while Paul films the action.


Climactic realization of deeds done.


Jez and Paul check each scene. They can then determine whether to re-shoot portions.

Refuge is already available for preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and booksellers everywhere. More information about upcoming events will be displayed on this site, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Goodreads. You can add Refuge to your reading list by clicking this Goodreads button.