Refuge is a passionate story of love, loss, murder, and redemption. It illustrates the hope we have in God’s mercy and his desire to redeem even the worst of our messes. I want everyone to know that God’s arms are open wide, ready to embrace us, no matter what we’ve done or how we’ve been hurt!

Writers spread the message about their stories on all varieties of social media. You can find me talking about Refuge’s message of hope on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram. But on Pinterest you’ll learn about the story in picture form.


On Pinterest I’ve built a variety of picture boards about Refuge, its publication and sales, and writing in general. Because Pinterest allows the gathering of photographs into boxes or boards with given themes, it has been a fun and creative tool for representing Refuge to my readers.

I have one board devoted entirely to Cain and another devoted to Lilith. There are segments from the novel with pictures of actors and models who look as I imagined these lead characters from Refuge. Here are some screen shots from my iPhone and my iPad.



photo 7 photo 8

Two separate boards contain pictures of other characters from Refuge, as I imagine them, and landscapes and locations from the story. These two boards also contain snatches from the novel, to illustrate how I envisioned certain places or people.

photo02photo05 photo06

There is one board with sale links, one with filming and production activities, and a final board about writing. All of these allow me to show you, rather than tell you, about this story and the fun I’ve had working with Nuu Group to promote it.

Come take a peek at Pinterest. Is this how you imagined the story?