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“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness” (2 Peter 1:3).

Everything we need? Really? Do we believe that? How often do we consider that, when we actively seek to know Jesus more intimately and allow that knowledge to change our lives, God’s divine power provides everything we need?

We don’t need to get older or richer or poorer. We don’t need to pay off our debt or conquer our addiction before we arrive at this place. We can have it now. Knowing Christ gives us everything. He is exemplary in every way! His divine nature changes it all. He is the power source.

How? Christ lived a perfect and holy life. He sacrificed himself for us. He longs for us to turn from our feeble attempts and place our trust in him.

  • Then he can bequeath us with his own righteousness.
  • Then he can pour out grace and peace upon us.
  • Then he can swear his great and precious promises, whispering them with love.
  • Then his Holy Spirit can indwell us, enabling us to escape the spoiling effect of our fallen world.

In Christ, we can have it all.

Dracula's window

Yet I’ve been crying off and on for days. I’m weary and worn from a long haul of work. I’m still spent from the twenty-eight-year-long homeschooling marathon that ended a year ago. And I’m mourning. I needed God’s word today like medicine.

As I started into a study of 2 Peter, sacred words cascaded over me, warming my heart and uplifting my soul. Peter wrote to remind believers. Without God’s transformational power, Peter said, I would have no faith. Yet, God chose to give it to me. My faith—mine, an insignificant woman who is virtually unknown—is as precious and valuable to God as the faith of the apostle who penned the letter. The same is true of your faith.

Peace with God is mine. Grace—the power that produces godliness and eternal life—has been multiplied to me and to you. The Lord has made me promises of eternal life and heaven waiting, promises of never leaving me or forsaking me, promises of orchestrating all for my good, promises of transforming me into his image. He has promised you as well.

light at the end of the tunnel

Because of his promises and his divine power, I am remade. His Holy Spirit changes me. He enables me to escape from my own sin. With Jesus holding me in his arms and his Spirit inside me, I can recover from the long hospice decline, from the marathon of pouring myself out, from the overwork, in short, from life on this planet.

I am his, and he is mine. I have it all. So do you when you belong to Christ.

How does knowing Christ enable you to face the trials and heartaches?


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