Twenty years of research, writing, and editing are now complete! Fallen – the common human story we all share, a novel of life, death, and the beginning – is ready to go!

Beginning TODAY and all month YOU can help get Fallen published!

Intro to Fallen:

Love takes action – the Creator God establishes the cosmos and shapes a man. Adam rises from the dust. Envious, the powerful angel Lucifer despises him. Oblivious to the threat, Adam is captivated by his strong, intuitive wife Eve. In the Garden of Eden, they enjoy abundant food, gorgeous vistas, and intriguing challenges, including their budding love and passion. They have it all!

But Lucifer’s deceptive brilliance tricks them into disobeying God. They eat the one forbidden fruit. Their innocence is shattered. Their unity with one another and with God is destroyed. Death will follow. Lucifer’s jealousy threatens mankind’s tenuous beginning.

But God is merciful. What astonishing promise does He make? How will Adam and Eve survive – broken, shattered, and separated from God? Is there any hope?

FALLEN Kickstarter 01

Together we can bring Fallen to life!

With your help I’m funding my publisher’s production of Fallen. This indie venture will give me the same professional editing, design, and oversight that I had with my first novel in the series, Refuge—the story of Cain, Abel, and Cain’s wife, a Biblical young-earth story set in Genesis.

Just as with Refuge, Fallen will be available in paperback and e-book through all major distributors. But I will also now be able to sell it from my own website.

This will enable me to offer my stories to YOU for a lower price.

You, yes YOU, inspired my decision. I listened to YOU, my readers.

Join me by helping to fund this project through Kickstarter! I’ve incorporated exciting rewards and incentives into this opportunity.

For instance, by contributing $25, you secure a free signed copy of Fallen upon publication. In a sense, you can buy your copy up front and have it shipped to your door with a personal handwritten thank-you note inside.

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