“You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do” (Psalm 139:3 NLT).

My ten-year-old granddaughter sobbed into the phone, “But, Daddy, I’m worried.”  Departing on a humanitarian mission, her father (my son) sat on the tarmac ready to blast off to the other side of the world, headed for India. My granddaughter understood the importance of her daddy’s work and the benefit to those he was going to encourage—at least as much as a ten year old can comprehend; but she was certain he would be in danger. In desperation, she had called him from her cell phone after I’d tucked her into bed. I can relate.

Anytime our loved ones depart from the routine of our day-to-day lives and travel away from us, we somehow feel as if they are more at risk. Unaccountably, we feel as though they can’t come to harm when they are in our proximity, as if we, puny humans that we are, can somehow keep them safe from harm by our mere presence. I had felt that very fear grasp at my heart as my son, his wife, and my husband headed off just hours before this tear-filled phone call.

“Lord,” I had prayed, “I love you. I yield up my family to you. Again. Use them for your glory. They’re not mine; only you can bring them back to me, if it’s your will. With my whole heart, I offer them to you, my Master.”

Only God knows what his plans are. We serve him because we adore him—this beautiful Savior who left his comfort and glory in heaven to put on human flesh in order to shed his blood and redeem us. He works out the plan that will bring his chosen ones into his kingdom. We play our part for the flash of time we’re on the stage, a bit part among the myriad of other players. And then our opportunity to have an impact for his glory and his kingdom is finished.

And so, some of us travel to help others far away and some of us stay home, praying and rolling up our sleeves on the home-front. What we do here on earth will count for eternity, both in the lives of those we impact and, after we’ve gone to be with Christ, on our satisfaction with the service we gave the Master.

As we have the privilege to participate in his glorious plan, our family members are in no greater danger in India or any other far-flung corner to which they trek than they are when “safely” by our sides. Our lives are in God’s hands as much when we’re cozy in our warm beds at home as they are when we’re blasting through the atmosphere at 35,000 feet. We’re safe. We cannot die until our purpose on this planet is complete. And then, if we believe and have committed our lives to him, we get to see him face to face.

“I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence!” (Psalm 139:7 NLT)

O Lord, give us faith to believe and trust in you. We’re so frail.  Any change to our normal routine nearly derails us. We are but dust. What would we do without you and your mercy and grace?