So far this new year, I’ve been talking about writing, because there are exciting goals to achieve! But we can only achieve them if we, writer and readers, work together! This is now a publishing industry fact.

In the first week of January, I wrote about why this is true. There are now eight millions titles on Amazon. If readers don’t help promote the books they love, no one ever finds these stories. If they don’t find them, they can’t buy them to read. Then the author can publish no more stories.

I explained why a one-woman marketing team doesn’t accomplish as much as a group of enthusiastic supporters. In my case, this is compounded by the fact that my autoimmune disorder continues to worsen, making caring for my family, my health, and my writing a daily challenge.

Yet I want to continue to tell stories that illustrate God’s love and mercy. And I want to get them to a wider audience, because spellbinding stories that show God’s kindness, especially in calamity and heartache, are a powerful tool for turning people to God. I want YOU to be able to read these stories and to recommend them to your friends.

By sharing my posts and stories with others, you enable me to continue to tell people the Good News. And I am very grateful for your help! I want to keep using the gifts God has given to proclaim his love to others.

On Monday I revealed my two upcoming books. To get these stories published, I must have your help.

So the question looms: Now What? 


Fallen is edited, my publisher loves it, and now more copies of Refuge must sell before Fallen can be published. And so, we need to work together to tell others about Refuge. Here are two quick and easy ways to help:

  1. The Dream Team – a Facebook group. Daily I post a film, a picture, or a social media post for you to share to your profile at your convenience and on your timetable. If you missed it, CLICK HERE.
  2. The Spread-the-Word page. This page is full of ideas for the creative promoter who wants to do more. If you missed it, CLICK HERE.

No Longer Alone

To edit No Longer Alone, I now turn my mind toward 1913-1916 Oklahoma. I expect the edit to take me at least two to three months. Writing makes me feel better. I disappear into the heads of my hero and heroine in another time and place. I’m so very excited to work on this story, not only to get it ready to go, but to spend time with my characters again! I love them!

As I work, I will keep you informed in my regular blog posts. And I will continue to share the once-a-day promotional posts about Refuge in the Dream Team group page for your use. I’ll also continue to post on my other social media sites (links in the footer).

If you’re so excited about these two stories that you want to make absolutely certain they get published, join me in those other social media locations and retweet, like, pin, or share.

I’d love to have your help everywhere you’re willing to provide it.

Thank you! God bless you! Here we go!

I have a book to edit….


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