Finish off the leftover Halloween candy while you cozy up with a great story (Halloween candy contains no calories when eaten while reading a novel – you don’t remember what you ate, so it doesn’t count)(If only this were true!)

The Refuge e-book is usually $6.50-7.99, BUT you can now purchase it in e-book format for only $1.99 from any of your favorite e-book distributors. Check out the killer trailer!

I’m editing the prequel to Refuge! I want to bring the next story to you, but we need to sell more copies of Refuge first. Now is the time! Please tell others about Refuge and share this post and the terrific low price.

Wrap up your Halloween weekend and the candy with a story of hope and redemption in the form of a supernatural, page-turning thriller! Get it today, right now, with a click! Or give it as a gift!

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