I’m taking a break to rest and recover from the past few weeks of whirlwind activity. Today my husband contributes his words.

The notes for his wedding speech:

Melinda and I want to thank all of you for being here today to celebrate the marriage of our beautiful daughter Katherine to this very lucky young man, Christian Vincent. I’d like to thank the team here at the Ann Arbor City Club for making this a special day, one that will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for your excellent service. To all of Katherine’s friends who helped with decorations, flowers, all the things that go into the ambiance of a wonderful wedding setting, thank you.

God has blessed me with three strong women in my life, my wife Melinda and my two daughters, Lindy and Katherine. So Christian, as Scott already knows, you are marrying a very brilliant Inman woman. Just like I did. You have won the heart of an amazing woman.

When Katherine was young everybody was her friend. Sometimes we had to protect her from her big-hearted self.  Katherine has always had a large heart and kindness for people that many of us would probably avoid. She’s extremely gifted in her current profession working with autistic children. I love her very much for this. 

You always wonder who your children will marry when they are young. Melinda and I prayed about it constantly. In my gratefulness to God, I am so thankful that my daughter has a wonderful man to live the rest of her life with. He adores my daughter, and that’s what every father desires.

Families are messy, humans are messy, and marriage is messy.

When you enter into marriage you are marrying another fallen creature whom God has redeemed. That person is going to mess up and make mistakes. The question that we have to ask ourselves is: “Are we going to forgive as Christ has forgiven us?” Or are we going to be bitter and hold grudges, not speaking to our spouse or other family members when they may have done something we perceive as abhorrent and unforgivable.

I’m grateful that Christian and Katherine have confessed today at their wedding that they know the Christ of the gospel who has forgiven them much. I pray that you both continually look to Christ to enable you to forgive one another when you make mistakes.

Matthew 18 talks about a man who owed a great debt. One so great it could never be repaid. He was forgiven his debt, but not able to understand forgiveness and show the same kindness to someone that owed him a small amount. God ultimately condemned him for lacking forgiveness.

Marriage is a representation of Christ and the Church. Over the years I find the one thing that destroys marriages, destroys relationships, and keeps families apart is the inability to show forgiveness.

So, tonight, as we celebrate this marriage, I exhort and pray that Christian you love Katherine as Christ loved the church and gave his life for her. You do that and you will have the greatest marriage ever. Katherine, I love you. Respect and honor this man who adores you. Understand he is not perfect. Most of all, enjoy God together as one flesh. The chief end of man (which includes Women) is to know God and to enjoy him all their days.  

Please join me in a toast to the couple. May they experience the greatest life together imaginable.  

(Unfortunately, none of my own photos would load. So, I’m sharing two photos that I believe were taken by Sean Bancroft, my brother-in-law. All our photos got jumbled together post-wedding.)

Tim’s Speech at the Wedding Banquet