Promoting Refuge these past eight months has been challenging and rewarding. We’ve hosted a pre-launch social media campaign with banners and avatars, a Goodreads giveaway, a live broadcast Twitter Party, my own website-hosted book giveaway, and a book-signing and Launch Party at Barnes & Noble.

More recently there have been the #ReadingRefuge campaign of people caught in the act of reading my story and also #MinuteMonday short films on Facebook, where I speak very briefly to you, the reader.

Where did I get all these creative ideas for marketing?

In October 2013 NuuGroup became my publicist. They have brought marketing creativity to my business tactics and my writing. This website is the design of Jez Babarczy, the NuuGroup director and co-owner. Its innards and my social media campaigns are overseen by Kevin Daughtry, the tech genius. The beautiful photography and film work have been created by Gabriel Gurrola, co-owner, and Andra Morrell.

I have been extremely happy with everything they’ve done. They also produced three short films to promote Refuge and to tell my story: CLICK here for the book trailer, the author interview, and my personal story.

My publisher John Koehler has been a great encouragement! He has highlighted events and shared posts. Friends Ben Collins and Scott Hyde assisted NuuGroup with my filmed Twitter party. Patricia Durgin has helped behind the scenes with all my content for films, interviews, and parties.

While we were working on these, several author friends of mine came alongside and either blogged about Refuge and/or interviewed me, or they reviewed and posted about Refuge on a book site. Thank you to Jen Sloniger, Robin Paulsen (click 1 & 2), and Jessica Higgins.

Countless other friends have liked, shared, tweeted, reviewed, and promoted.

These grassroots efforts are the most effective ways to market books – this is the modern version of word-of-mouth. I am so grateful to my team of experts, my writer friends, and my friends who’ve shared and tweeted to propel this story out into the world.

It takes a village to market a book.

Refuge is tale of love, loss, heartache, and redemption. It illustrates God’s mercy when we’ve failed horribly, when we think we can never be forgiven. Thank you all for promoting Refuge out into a world of broken people who need the encouragement of this story!

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