I need your help! Today I’m with my doctor. If you’re a regular reader and/or a friend, you know I’m in a health crisis. I have Systemic Sclerosis, aka CREST syndrome or Limited Scleroderma, a full-body attack on my blood vessels and connective tissues, as well as my skin, joints, and digestive system. The use of cancer drugs, prednisone, and perhaps biologics will begin soon. They’re part of our arsenal to stop this disease and to keep my body functioning.

Nowadays, whether you’re a consumer or a producer of creative products, you play a part in the marketing process for music, books, and other materials. Creatives must design and carry out our own marketing campaigns.

Those who buy, listen, read, or view have a part, too: spreading the news. Otherwise, even great material remains unknown.

My energy levels are completely depleted. I cannot push Fallen alone. I need your help. To make it easy, I’ve designed a series of social media posts to promote Fallen. Each picture tells a story.

Can you help spread the news? These can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or wherever you engage socially.

Square photos (Facebook, Google+) and rectangular photos (Twitter, LinkedIn) are both provided to fit the social media platform you prefer.

Here’s how!

Social media is the modern-day word of mouth. It’s an easy way to tell many friends all at once about something you love.

  1. Each of these photos can be copied from this post and saved to your computer or device.
  2. After saving, simply share a photo to your social media.
  3. Copy and paste the link to Fallen (below) alongside the photo.
  4. Click save or publish, and you’re done.


Get your copy of #FallenNovel here ~ http://www.amazon.com/Fallen-Biblical-Story-Good-Evil/dp/1633931897/

I think you’ll find these pictures easy to use. They may show an experience you’ve had as a reader of Fallen. If so, that will make it even more fun to share. Enjoy! And thank you very much for your assistance! We’re in this together.

Fallen (launch). Facebook. Under the covers.Can't put it down.Must finish!#FallenNovelWho needs sleep