Dear readers, now that I’m back to the writer’s cave, I need your feedback. Please respond to the questions in this post, no matter how briefly. In this publishing environment where many forms of publication are considered equal, I’m always considering ways to get my novels to you as quickly as possible.

Here is the publishing situation as it currently stands. I’m hoping to publish Fallen, the prequel to Refuge, with my current publisher. That depends on the sales of Refuge. Then there is a third book in the trilogy. For continuity, I’d love to publish all three books (and many more) with Koehler Books.

But to get Fallen published with Koehler, more copies of Refuge must sell and the wait between books will be two to three years. Publishers make their decision to publish a writer’s next book based on sales numbers. Sales determine future publication or delay it.

You can help expedite the release of the next story by telling your friends about Refuge. In fact, gift them with a copy of their own, especially if they’re grappling with accepting God’s love and mercy. Get it HERE.

However, this discussion is not about my own publishing desires. This is about YOU, my readers, helping me to discern what you want.

If you, my readers, are people who love to share the books you’re excited about with others, I will adapt to accommodate you. And if you, my readers, want my books more frequently than every two to three years, I will reconsider my method of publication.

Let’s discuss this. I must know the answer to these questions:

  • Do you love to share the books you’re crazy about—to pass a shared copy around to your friends? 
  • Do you want the prequel to Refuge sooner than two to three years from now?

I have often shared books with others. But I had no idea how it affected sales numbers and, therefore, the timing and the release of future stories. My readers have voiced their desire to have the next book in the series as soon as possible.

If the answer to both of those questions is YES!, there is a solution that would accommodate your needs and reading habits.

Simultaneous to these concerns, I also have other works of fiction to consider. One novel is based on a true story of a feisty schoolmarm Sunday School teacher who was wooed and pursued by a quiet, solid, unchurched rancher, just as WWI began in Europe. This novel keeps tugging at me to get it published!

I’m considering self-publishing this novel to get it out to you. But I’m also considering giving away part of the book first in a series of chapters posted in sequence on this website.

Let’s talk! The answer to all of these issues may be the same. Self-publishing is now a respected, streamlined, and mainstream choice. Much has changed in the past few years! Choosing to publish my novels myself puts all the control and decision making in my hands.

Now for your input: What do you think? 

  • Would a weekly read of a free chapter interest you?
  • Would you buy a story after being able to read the first part for free?
  • Does this WWI-era novel interest you?

Please give me your opinion, and please pray for me as I make business and publishing plans centered around how best to serve YOU, my readers. I write for YOU. Your needs are of supreme importance to me, not an outdated notion of how books have to be published.

Help me, please, by engaging in this dialogue.