A short post today.

Our darling baby granddaughter turned one this past week.

She is a sweet little human, and we all adore her.

On her birthday, we discovered she had caught the sickness going around.

Right as we sang the birthday song and brought out the cake, the illness hit her.

Having never been sick before, her expression was confused and tortured by this awful symptom.

Everyone jumped to their feet to try to help attend to her.

Her daddy sweeped her up, never flinching as the sickness spilled out all over his shoulder.

Our hearts all ached for her. Poor little sweetheart!

She had no idea what was happening. She had never before felt this way.

Watching her first acquaintance with sickness and the feelings of misery that accompany it was difficult and sad for all of us. We know from experience that this is one of the common experiences of humanity.

Welcome to the world, dearly beloved Little One.

We are sorry to tell you that this will happen again.

However, God has blessed you with a loving mother and a loving father.

You are surrounded by family who will always love you and care for you immediately.

Meaning, you are in a safe space with safe people.

We’re sorry you had to learn this lesson of sickness on your first birthday.

We want to protect our little ones from all that we know is out there.

And yet, if we do, you will never acquire an immune system that can fight off disease.

If we are overprotective, you would never learn to settle a conflict either.

We must learn to entrust you into God’s hands.

I have prayed many times for you, the littlest one, as I have for your cousins and all their parents, my kids.

I pray that the Lord will protect all of you, guarding you all and shaping you all to be the kind of people who love others, who adore your children, and who love the Lord.

Part of learning and growing involves dealing with sickness. Even though you will be sick again, little one, all the while, you are held safely in God’s hands with Mommy and Daddy watching over you.

Tiny sweetheart, you are blessed, even in sickness.

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