Do you feel way too busy? Are you meeting yourself coming and going? Are you overwhelmed with your life? When we’re slightly over the edge, we realize our need for God’s empowerment. But we also need to pause and consider what might need to change. Broken people need help from a big God.

As a writer and speaker, I am an incorporated small business, juggling my work and family from my home office. Until recently I thought I could do it all!ย I found out I can’t.

Three years of physical challenges—-a fall and hamstring tear, two car accidents, a bout of Epstein Barr, and the following unrelenting Chronic Fatigue—-have greatly reduced my energy levels.

But I still have a family, and I still have a job. How am I to move forward? Loving the Lord and serving him wholeheartedly in those two areas, in that order, is my lifetime goal.

Fatigue Graham Binns via Compfight

To help me learn to maximize my time and manage my energy, I’m pursuing help from some experts.

  • I recently enrolled in this fall’s Platform University with Michael Hyatt.
  • I’m also reading Tim Grahl’s book Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book, and I’m following his blog.

These experts’ tips are helping me streamline, plan, and learn to manage my time better. They’re applicable no matter who you are or what you do. I think most of us are broken in this area. I know I am. I’m somewhat delusional about what I can and cannot reasonably accomplish.

We ALL have limited strength and time. Only 24 hours in a day are allotted to everyone.

Recently I gleaned some simple but sanity-restoring scheduling tips from a Platform University Q & A session. Here are their ideas in my own words:

Professionals do things on a schedule. Amateurs do things when they feel like it. Decide what youโ€™re going to focus on. Choose the most important, not the less important. When will you say yes? When will you say no?

Start today. Who are THE MOST IMPORTANT people? What are THE MOST IMPORTANT tasks and priorities? Sit down and think it through.

Then divide up the year into 90-day or 3-month segments. Focus like a laser on the people, tasks, or events you’ve prioritized for that segment of the year. Evaluate every activity or request that impinges on your time – Does this fit within my commitments and goals for these 3 months?

Schedule the work for those three months. Whatever gets put on the calendar for each 90-day period IS the priority. This dictates the daily work. If you want something to be a priority, schedule it. Be protective of your time. Set boundaries.


Depending on your work or your season of life, this will vary. During the season of raising my large family, I prioritized to accomplish our goals with our children, and I’m glad I made those choices. It was the absolute best use of my time.

It was easy for me to apply those decisions to my family—-they were clearly my highest priority. It’s harder to apply boundaries to my business strategies. I’m still trying to figure out my limitations in this season of my life, hence the experts.

I want to be intentional each day, to choose the best option for the use of my limited time and energy, rather than the merely good option. I want to choose the activity that fits both my short-term and my long-term goals.

God always provides exactly what I need at just the right time. Not only did the Platform University Q & A provide some immediate scheduling reinforcement, but this article by Tim Grahl appeared simultaneously.

Please click on the link. You’ll be glad you did! I hope these ideas help you. They’re helping me!

Tim Grahl’s article: The Myth of “Too Busy” in his Tips on September 24, 2014.