Fallen is a story about the incredible mercy and grace of God. In the beginning, we chose to disobey, yet He already had a plan in place to redeem us by sending His Son. He loves us that much! The story starts with creation and features Adam and Eve and their destructive decision. This event still affects us today.

Part of a book launch, especially a launch of a story about God’s plan of salvation told in fictional form, is to spread this good news far and wide. Not only do I utilize social media, but I use book websites, presentations, book club appearances, and radio or podcast speaking engagements. These reach even more people.

Here are a few places you can direct your friends who are interested in the novel to give them even more information about Fallen and the series.

Clean Indie Reads

Clean Indie Reads has information about the entire Biblical Stories of Good and Evil series, including Fallen, Refuge, and Proclaim (the final story). Fiction featured on this website must meet high standards regarding sex, violence, and language to garner no more than a PG-13 rating. I address those details in my author Q & A. Find out more by clicking HERE.


AskDavid provides a wealth of information about books of all types. You can discover even more about Fallen, because an author interview is included. There’s a separate page for each book, allowing me to provide more insight into each story. And AskDavid tweets about Fallen to 48,700 followers around the world, taking this Gospel story far and wide. Find more about Fallen on AskDavid HERE. A link to Refuge is also provided.

Books Go Social

Books Go Social is a book site from “the other side of the pond.” Located in Ireland, the founder markets books internationally. His team helped me launch with a three-week avalanche of tweets, they still continue spreading the word, and they now maintain an informational website about Fallen that you can find HERE.

About Fallen

This is the information page on this website that provides you with all you need to know about Fallen, including links, clips, purchase info, direction to reviews, etc. Click HERE to see more about Fallen.

Now that you know a little more about this story, come be a part of the giveaway!

I’m giving away ten free copies, as well as a journaling Bible to the entrant who accumulates the most points. Intrigued? Come on over to the Fallen Giveaway! ONLY FIVE DAYS LEFT! 

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