Our youngest daughter is getting married this weekend, and so I am currently running around in Wedding Land. Love, true love, is what brings us together this weekend.

A child marrying is one of the greatest blessings to a family. That child brings into our family a new human being, one we didn’t raise, didn’t pace the floor with on nights of babyhood sickness, and yet one we have prayed over for all of our child’s life. 

Invariably, this new person is a blessing to our family, no matter what the future holds. We are blessed with their presence and their impact on our family. We are blessed by their new ways of doing things, which they bring in with them, and by the new personality who joins us.

And so, with great joy, we welcome a new son into our family this weekend, a man we esteem, admire, love, and respect. We’re so glad that he joins us! 

We’ve planned and prepared for this wedding for a year now, and our daughter has been the best, most efficient, and calmest wedding planning bride I’ve ever seen. I’ve practically had nothing to do but to pay the bills, and to look at the beautiful pieces she’s already chosen to put together.

For me, on my end, this has been smooth sailing. For her, it’s been a year of squeezing in wedding planning with a full-time job, grad school, the time commitments of being in love, and then preparation for marriage.

And now, the wedding is here. (No, that’s not them, nor the picture at the top. No early wedding reveals from this mother of the bride).

My husband will walk our girl down the aisle, trying not to cry, but probably not succeeding, and then we will again sit in the front row and wonder how in the world this child grew up so fast, met this wonderful person, and is now tying the knot. We will smile until our faces hurt, and we will cry tears of joy and yet also of heartache over childhood gone by so doggone fast that it’s unbelievable! How did that happen?

And then, off they will go to begin a life of their own, the Lord writing their story as they form their own household. They will leave, and they will cleave to one another, forming a new family.

Today is Friday, and the wedding is Sunday afternoon, so I ask you to pray for the two families joining here and for our daughter’s wedding as we move through these next days. A wedding is an intensely spiritual event, an event that brings families together and that knits together two souls. Pray for the Lord’s presence, love, and grace to be over all the members of our two families, the proceedings, the interactions, and the blessed event itself.

Thank you for joining us in prayer! God bless the bride and the groom!