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There you are—a newly fertilized ovum. Nothing is ever added to you after this moment other than nutrition and time. You are all there. God is already at work, busily weaving you together in your mother’s womb. But he thought of you long before that.

You are his poem. You are God’s workmanship, his poiema, a work of art labored over with painstaking care. A masterpiece requires forethought. God planned you.

You are not a mistake. You are not a mishap. See. Look at you. There you are. Alive.

Into you the Creator crafted a unique personality, personal quirks, useful gifts, and particular bents. Some he activated at conception; some he added or strengthened when his Holy Spirit made you spiritually alive. In his mind, before time had even begun, God prepared the good works you would do with these gifts, because he had already set you aside for himself, placing you in Christ.

And so, because he is the Creator and every cell of you belongs to him, he drew you to believe in Jesus Christ and to commit your life to him. He gave you faith. In love God predestined you to be adopted into his family. He wanted you to be his. To be invited in is the most merciful kindness ever bestowed. Your existence and all the good you would do in this brief flash of a lifetime were imagined and purposed by God beforehand. This was his benevolent pleasure.

You have been written into God’s story. You are part of it. There is a point. There is a purpose for your life.

  • Therefore, discerning what good works you are created to do is extremely important.
  • Discovering your gifting and your assignment are matters of the utmost significance.
  • Investing your time in fulfilling all you were made to be and to do is essential.

Yes, you could waste your time, and God would have known beforehand that you intended to do so. And he would still love you.

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However, God’s will is that you love him and serve him with every fiber of your being. This is his plan. This is how his poem rhymes and lilts, when it is not in discordant verse. This will enable your fulfillment of all God imagined and intended for you to be.

But there is an enemy. There is never a story without one.

This enemy doesn’t want you to find your way. He wants you to forget the Savior. He doesn’t want you to serve the Lord or be happy doing so. He desires for you to over-commit and take on work that is not your own, work you were not designed or gifted to do. This enemy longs to lure you off the path into the briars and plunge you over the precipice. He steals, kills, and destroys.

But Jesus has come to give abundant life, even if he has to rappel over the cliff, strap you to his body, and haul you back out of the gulley into which you’ve fallen. He is the Rescuer, the Redeemer, and the Deliverer.

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So keep your attention riveted on the One who created and called you. Learn to love him with all your heart. Respond to him when you find the beautiful acts of service he has designed you to do. Serve him with all your might, and trust the results into his hands. Labor where he leads, and rest when he says rest.

It’s all about him.

Refute the lies of the enemy before they wreck you. Carefully evaluate, inviting the Lord into every choice, every decision, every act of service. The One who made you created you for a unique role in the story, a stanza in his poem, a harmonious part in his rhyme and verse. You are made for specific deeds that move his kingdom out where the harvest is abundant.

Follow your Maker. Be yourself. Do not fear. The Lord is near. When you fall, he will pick you up. You are his forever.

Have you discovered your role in his story?


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