Today I thought it would be fun to show you pictures of the photo shoot. NUU Church Media shot film footage for the love story of how God pursues me—my story—and for the interview about my novel Refuge. Enjoy our shots! My iPhone photos of early in the day are followed by the professional photography.


Some awesome clothes and boots for the shoot!

20131119-200333.jpgMy iPhone pictures of Gabriel Gurrola taking the still photos.

My daughter-in-law took these with my iPhone. The rest of the shots are by the pros.

Story shoot #3NUU Church Media’s professional photos of the site!

Story shoot #1I’m telling my story while Andra Morrell and Gabriel Gurrola film. Jez Babarczy directs.

Story shoot #2Andra Morrell takes “B roll” photos with a camera that moves on a sliding track. Kevin Daughtry coordinates equipment and sound.

Story shoot #4A shot of me in Gabriel Gurrola’s camera.

Story shoot #7Jez Babarczy directs as I tell my story to him.

Story shoot #5The set for the filming of my story. I had a wonderful time working with these guys! Andra kept singing great gospel music.

Story shoot #6Kevin Daughtry marks the beginning of the scene.

The experience of filming my story was exhilarating, exhausting, and uplifting! It was amazing to work with such a terrific crew of professional creative filmmakers and photographers! They made the experience a lot of fun. It was a blessing to work with them to exalt the Lord and all he’s done in my life. This was the first day of the shoot. Hope you enjoy our day!

Professional photography by NUU Church Media.