The Kickstarter funds have arrived – thanks to all of you! The contract has been signed and mailed with my check to Koehler Studios, the branch of Koehler Books that works with indie authors.

Now we forge ahead with the publication of Fallen.

The wheels are turning! The fun begins!

We’ll be using the same layout, binding, and quality cover with the design Jez Babarczy of NuuGroup prepared for the Kickstarter campaign. The story is the same length as Refuge, and I hope to include a short study guide.

Fallen - Kickstarter Campaign Graphic

Fallen will be available at every online vendor we used for Refuge (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), and I’ll also sell copies from my own website and at speaking engagements or local events.

The release date will be the end of 2015 or early in 2016, depending on our editing and production schedule. Starting today, I’m giving the manuscript a final polish before I pass it to my editor Joe Coccaro.

I really needed my break and our short vacation to visit kids and granddaughter – five people we love so much! I’m now ready to get to work. My heart is filled with joy at the prospect of bringing this story to you!

I love this tale of creation, innocent love, the entrance of evil, the resulting fall, and all that comes next. It’s a human love story and a tale of God’s passionate love for humanity. I’ll keep you posted throughout the process.

Here we go! Yes, you heard an excited giggle!