I’ve written numerous times about the topsy-turvy publishing world. The entrance of Amazon, free e-books, and indie publishing has changed everything for both readers and writers. For great stories to come to light, readers and authors must cooperate. Otherwise, good books are buried in the 8-million-books-deep Amazon book pile.

To launch my next novel, I invite you into my world – the ultimate cooperation! Let’s do this together!

Coming soon! Fallen, the prequel to Refuge!

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The story:

Love takes action – the Creator God establishes the cosmos and shapes a man. Adam rises from the dust. Envious, the powerful angel Lucifer despises him. Oblivious to the threat, Adam is captivated by his strong, intuitive wife Eve. In the Garden of Eden, they enjoy abundant food, gorgeous vistas, and intriguing challenges, including their budding love and passion. They have it all!

But Lucifer’s deceptive brilliance tricks them into disobeying God. They eat the one forbidden fruit. Their innocence is shattered. Their unity with one another and with God is destroyed. Death will follow. Lucifer’s jealousy threatens mankind’s tenuous beginning.

But God is merciful. What astonishing promise does He make? How will Adam and Eve survive – broken, shattered, and separated from God? Is there any hope?

Why retell this story? Why now?

The story in Genesis 1-3 is the foundation of human history. It is OUR story! From the events in the beginning we discover the answers to our most basic questions:

  • How did evil come into the world?
  • Does God have a plan?
  • Why does it often look as if evil triumphs?
  • What forces are at work in the world today?
  • What is the big picture?

Most people don’t know the answer to these questions. They don’t know that God had his plan of redemption through Jesus Christ in place before he even began creation.

Jesus used parables to convey truth. Fiction is the modern-day parable. A well-told story touches hearts. Portraying the spiritual battle that rages unseen and the sovereignty of God over it all, Fallen reaches today’s audience in a powerful way.

Come join me! 

In THREE DAYS I’ll be sharing links to the live Kickstarter campaign! YOU can help bring this story to life! YOU are an integral part of my team. Stay tuned! 

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